Transitional Space #1/T&S (Time and Space)

This group of work explores: time, space and the fourth dimension. The content of each painting is the daily events that occur over time, at a given space.

Taking a close look at the simple daily occurrence with the limitation of a constant format and a given space, allows one to touch the elusive dimension of time and hopefully get a sense of a higher dimensions of space.

Bragdon (1939) said that what appears as time for one level of consciousness is space to the next one. For example: while for the consciousness of a worm a hole in an apple will appear to be time related, as it takes time for the worm to explore it, to our perception, time is not involved: we can perceive it in one glimpse.1

Thus, it is possible that events we perceive as changes over time, actually exist simultaneously in a higher special dimension. The idea that a focused concentrated exploration of events over time in a given space, allows a glimpse at this elusive dimension, was an inspiration for this body of work.

1More about this idea: see Flatland/Abbot (1884). In this wonderful book Abbot describes how two dimensional creatures (the citizens of Flatland) perceive and react to the three dimensional world.

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